Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Inappropriate elimination (urination or defecation) - What do I do?

Inappropriate elimination is a common problem for our indoor pets (both cats and dogs). It is also one of the most common reasons for feline euthanasia. Problems result for a variety of reasons including bringing pets indoors, high density of pets and people in small spaces as well as medical problems. For both male dogs and male cats, early neutering will help eliminate urinary marking before it starts.

For cats, the recommendation is one more litter box than there are cats in the household and of course daily litter box cleaning. This is due to the fact that cats do establish territories within a house. Different cats will also have different preferences in terms of litter type and box style (i.e. hood v.s. no hood). For more information on litter boxes and indoor cat recommendations visit the "Indoor Cat Initiative" (

Because inappropriate elimination can have both behavioural and medical causes, any pet that has a change in its housetraining should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Medical problems such as intestinal parasites, diabetes, kidney disease and urinary infection can cause our pets' to start urinating or defecating in the house. Once possible medical causes have been eliminated, behavioural issues can be addressed. Remember too, that the longer a problem continues, the worse things get and the more difficult it will be to correct. This is true for both medical and behavioural issues. Consult your veterinarian as soon as you encounter a problem.