Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I brush my pet's teeth?

Start simply by handling your pet's mouth for several minutes a day. Once your pet has accepted this for a few days, gently hold the mouth closed and lift the lip on one side and brush the outside surfaces of the teeth. Increase the number of teeth brushed each time until your pet accepts the routine willingly. The whole process should take only a minute or two.

If you have a pet that is a "struggler", you can restrain it by wrapping a large bath towel or blanket around the whole body with just the head protruding. If you continue to have problems brushing the teeth, call your veterinarian for help. It will be worth the effort.

Do NOT use human toothpaste. Our pets swallow the toothpaste and human toothpaste can cause gastric (stomach) problems. Also, your pet will strongly resent the taste of human toothpaste; animal toothpaste is flavoured for their taste buds! Baking soda is not advisable either since the high sodium level may cause problems in some animals.

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